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Mládí je šťastné pro svou schopnost vidět krásu. Kdo si uchovává schopnost vidět krásu – nestárne. -Franz Kafka

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Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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В человеке должно быть все прекрасно: и лицо, и тело, и душа, и мысли. - Антон Чехов.

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inmotion group

InMotion group was started with the aim of producing a new range of BIO products for hotels, spas and cosmetic salons. The basis of InMotion products is the thermal waters and natural ingredients from the whole world. The InMotion group offers its own cosmetic line InMotion, which was produced using the rare Manoi oil from Tahiti. We are the exclusive distributor of our own Inmotion Line, the Italian BIO cosmetics IRSAN and the brand KEUNE HAIRCOSMETICS in the Czech Republic. We design, produce and distribute quality products in which we put all our trust. Are you interested in what we are still dealing with?

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We are exclusive distributors of our own InMotion cosmetics range and the range of BIO cosmetics IRSAN in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates and countries in the Persian Gulf, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan of quality BIO products in the IRSAN range, which is otherwise unavailable in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our newly-released e-shop, you yourselves can try out the effects of these purest, natural ingredients. Let nature care for you wherever you may be, travelling or even in your own home. 


Inmotion hotel care

The hotel range InMotion offers available solutions, which we can produce to the exact specification of the hotel. We can offer a unique design to each hotel, according to your ideas, or even a free hand in choosing the ingredients, colours and odours, which your products will contain. We can even provide special sets for men or children. The hotel set can become your unique signature, which your guests will remember.


Beauty salon

Ladies have you been pampered in our InMotion Beauty salon yet? The salon is situated in the very heart of Prague in The President Hotel and it is the first salon in the Czech republic, where BIO products IRSAN are available. We offer complex care of the whole body, face, hair and nails by exclusively using BIO cosmetics IRSAN. You can even try a unique milk bath at our salon. Come and get to know the exclusive SPA line BIO cosmetics IRSAN and surrender yourselves to them. Come and be convinced!


Wellness & SPA

Furthermore we work together with SPA and wellness facilities all over the world. We transfer our passion for quality BIO cosmetics to your SPA and wellness complex.Did you know that donkey milk and the extract of snake poison Syn-Ake was actually used by Cleopatra for her own beauty? and what about the ancient secret of the beauty of Tahiti women, Monoi oil? Thanks to our products guests to spas can experience this all over the world. 




We have exclusive lines, full of proteins, keratin, argan oil and other care ingredients, which can breathe new life into your hair. This range of organic products is for lovers of pure and real beauty. This is how this brand of hair cosmetics Keune, which we are distributing to the Czech market from the Netherlands, can be characterised. It is a very small secret, which should never have escaped from the hair salons. However, since it is already out, we shall make sure we enjoy it to the full. With Keune, we are dealing with a philosophy of real beauty, a philosophy of hair, which is with us all our lives. Have you ever wondered about what your hair has already gone through? Looking after your hair means looking after your memories. Keune with its legacy and unique recipes, with its enthusiasm and social responsibility, does that job perfectly. Find out for yourselves on our e-shop http://www.keune-inmotion.cz

This you must have! Treat yourself to more. Let nature look after you with its best products. This range offers an intoxicating mix of BIO ingredients, like donkey milk, snail extract or even rice oil. Your body and mind can rest, as if it were having a luxury spa procedure, even if you are just applying skin cream. For the answer to that, it is best you ask the products directly, which we have chosen for you in this range.


This range is made up of seven fairies, which will tirelessly orbit your body, until it feels new-born again. Fall into the bewitching magic of herbs and thermal waters, mud and essential oils, which have healed the human body and mind for ages. Happiness, sun, friendship, calm and luck are waiting for you in their shower gels, body creams, caring butters and many other surprises of this brand. Just like the ranges of the BIO products for men and children.

Body line

Help your body to work fully. Through it let deepest nature, which is an ancient, powerful and universal healer, speak to you. Thermal waters, herbs and rare essential oils will help you find the way back to health and good-balance. Take a look at what our BIO pharmacy IRSAN hides. 

Body care

We choose only the most sophisticated products for you and the ones we are totally mad about. We are always looking for new and novel solutions for all types of treatments for your body and for your mind. Lose yourself in the uncompromising, organic cleanliness of BIO products IRSAN, and while using them you can imagine being amongst the bustling mountain streams and in the hills, full of flowers. Or allow yourself to be pampered with the virtuoso haircare Keune, which will breathe the rhythm, style and authenticity into each movement of your head of hair.

Find your own tempo in these chaotic times. I will take you back through mediation of our products there, where water, sun and earth and fresh air make sense of it all. Close your eyes and let your body and mind relax in the spa of our products. It is our mission to bring you quality cosmetic experiences, from which your body and soul will benefit. My philosophy is beauty – ever-lasting and unconditional.

I wish you all peace and happiness forever. 

„Great natural cosmetics! Complete and maximum care not only for the body and the face, but also for the soul. Everyone will find what he needs. I'm very happy to find something that is good for a reasonable price. “ Dennisa Tegens, INMOTION BEAUTY
„Maschera rinfrescante - Light, refreshing mask, the whole absorbs, the skin is beautifully clarified. Maschera rigenerante - Nourishing mask, refreshes tired skin and beautifully nourishes “ Lenka Filgasova, INMOTION BEAUTY
Our branches
Inmotion Beauty & SPA
Nám. Curieových 1/100
Salon Delice
Vinohrady, Trebizskeho 4, Praha 2
Husova 8a, 60200 Brno
Anna Boyts
Hotel Don Giovanni Vinohradská 2733/157a
+420 608 135 155
Antonina Stadnyk
+420 608 855 645
Studio Times Prague
Ke Kapslovně 2855/5 13000 Praha 3-Žižkov
Olga Prazska
Volutová 2520/10, 15800 Praha 13-Stodůlky
SPA Hotel Dvořák
Nová louka 2053/11, 360 21 Karlovy Vary
Master House
Chlumova 183/19 Praha - Žižkov

Inmotion s.r.o. Is registered in the Commercial Register kept at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 123402

IČ: 27875571


Curie's Square 100, 110 00, Prague 1 - Old Town

Our Branch - Chlumova 183/19 Prague

Phone: +420 732 622 011